BKF file repair tool

BKF Repair Tool
BKF file repair software to repair corrupted or damaged BKF Files.

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All-in-One BKF File Repair Software

  • Symantec Backup Exec (.bkf) and Windows NTBackup files repaired
  • Scanning modes for tool that include Quick, Deep, and Range
  • Data from recovered Windows backup files (.bkf/.zip) can be viewed
  • Provide an instant search option for finding required data
  • Create a CSV or TXT file with all or selected file/folder names, paths
  • Locate the BKF file on the hard drive (C:\D:\E:\F:\)
  • New filter option to exclude files based on their extensions
  • No file size restrictions, you can repair up to 30 TB (.bkf/.zip) file
  • Maintain the Original Folder Hierarchy after data recovery
  • Easy to access and install tool into Multiple Languages
  • Support All the Windows 7, XP, Vista to Windows 10, 11 backup

Significant Features BKF File Repair Tool

Repair Complete Windows Backup Files

Using this tool which is able to repair corrupt BKF files and restore the healthy data in a spontaneous way. With the help of Windows NTBackup restoration tool, no user can easily repair BKF/ZIP file data such as pictures, documents, music files, video, and audio, and many more items without modification. After backup recovery, this utility also maintains the original formatting and folder structure of data files.

Multi-Level to Scanned Backup

According to the level of corruption through this Windows backup tool, Windows NTBackup and Cementic Veritas backup can repair BKF files. If there is a slight corruption in the file, the user may opt for quick scan mode. Moreover, for severe corruption, someone has to select the deep scanning mode. To repair the selective files, no user can use a range based scan.

Support NTBackup & Symantec Exec

This BKF file repair software repairs the data from Veritas Backup EXEC by Backuping File Symantec and Windows NTBACKUP. Anyone can work with tool to repair and open BKF files without any problem because it repairs BKF files in a user-friendly interface. The software repair the corrupted Windows backup files without any data loss.

Save Automatically Scanned Data

When the Windows NTBackup restoration tool scans the corrupt backup successfully and will be automatically saved by scan file software. Furthermore, user started processing with the same file next time, this WIndows NTBackup repairing tool will only ask you to load already saved file data that save time.

Repair BKF/ZIP Backup Files

With the help of Windows file backup tool, no one can repair, see and remove data from Windows 7, 8, 8.1, & 11 backup zip and BKF files in just a few clicks. Users need to select a backup ZIP/BKF file and the software that will be repaired or extracting backup file data in a very healthy way.

Compatible With All Windows OS

The BKF Repair tool supports all the versions of Windows Operating System such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. After using this software, users can easily repair the corrupt BKF files and restore Windows 7 backup to Windows 11, and 10 in a few steps.

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Common Problems & Solutions
Find the Most Occurring BKF File Errors & Solutions


A: This issue occurs because Windows 7 does not support NTNackup.exe. To restore backup on any Windows OS other than the NT series, you should download .dll files and NT5Backup.cab file along with NtBackup.exe. If this solution is not working, make use of the BKF file repair tool to overcome this error.

bkf file

A: This problem arises when two or more backup jobs are being sent to the removable disk at a time. This could be overcome by configuring the backup jobs to run only after the completion of all the other jobs or by using a different backup device like tape backup. You can also go for easy solutions like the BKF file repair tool, which does not demand much technical expertise.
A: This error occurs due to various reasons such as malware attack, CRC error, malfunction of operating system, etc. Since there are no manual methods available for resolving this, you have to opt for an expert utility such as BKF repair Software.
"I used to store the Windows backup using the NTBackup tool in the FAT file system partition, using the auto backup option. Yesterday I got an error “The Fixed Media is Full”, after which the backup could not be done. What can be the reason for this? Please suggest a solution."
A: It should be noted that there is a 4GB limitation in the FAT file system partitions by which they cannot store files which have more data than the specified limit. The issue mentioned above may occur when the size of the backup data exceeds 4GB. Sadly there is no manual methods available to recover the files which are affected by this error. The only possible solution is to rely on an expert utility like BKF repair software.

Steps to Repair Corrupted BKF File

Common Frequently Asked Questions
Queries related to BKF Repair Software

Follow the below mentioned instructions that helps you in repairing the corrupt BKF file using BKF repair software:
  • Install BKF File repair tool on Windows system.
  • Now, Add Windows BKF/ZIP File
  • Click on "Scan" button to restore the corrupt BKF files in Windows OS
  • Preview recovered BKF/ZIP file data
  • Click on the "Extract" button to extract files.
"I am having Windows 10 installed on my PC. May I know whether this software is compatible with this version?"
A: I am having Windows 10 installed on my PC. May I know whether this software is compatible with this version?
A: The demo version of this tool allows the users to preview the files and folders after the scanning. In order to extract or save the recovered data, you should activate the demo version. This can be done with the help of our support team.
A: Yes, It is possible to save all the extracted data to the original location. You are also provided with the provision to manually choose the location as you desire.
A: No, It is not possible to scan & repair corrupt BKF files more than one at a time.
A: This utility does not impose any size limitation to repair NTBackup BKF files as well as files from other scenarios.

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