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EML Reader Tool to Read EML Email Messages with Attachments

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Best Portable EML Viewer Software

  • Tool enables the users to Read EML files with its properties such as To, From, Subject, Received Date and size in KB.
  • EML analyzer supports to View email messages with attachments like docx, xls, doc, .ppt, image files and other file types.
  • EML file represents an individual email that is flexible message storage format which is supported by various desktop email platforms.
  • Once you choose the folder containing EML files, this EML Reader portable tool automatically process and loads the files.
  • The EML file viewer software also shows the total count of all .eml Emails that are present in the folder.
  • With EML file viewer portable tool users can switch the view mode of software interface from Horizontal to Vertical.
  • This tool has capability to Auto locate and load EML emails directly to tool panel
  • Software supported all version of Windows like 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and all below versions.

Why to Upgrade to Pro Version?

  • This upgrade version allows the users to Export EML to PDF file format. Tool creates single PDF file for each email message & embedded attachments within PDF
  • Enables the users to View EML files in various styles such as Normal view, Property view, Hex view, Message header view, RTF View, HTML view, MIME view etc. Furthermore, tool preview emails along with attachments
  • Facilitates the users to read and Search within EML Files as well as in attachments by using any specific term
    Pro version of the tool enables the users to read and search for emails within EML files as well as the attachments by using any specific term. Moreover, the user can also add multiple keywords an search email. However, you can also add multiple criteria and conditions such as (AND/ OR/ NOT) to filter the EML file search results.
  • Users can also Read noname.eml Format Attachments by using this EML analyzer tool Pro version of the EML Viewer tool enables the users to read and search for emails within EML files as well as the attachments by using any specific term. Moreover, the user can also add multiple keywords an search email. However, you can also add multiple criteria and conditions such as (AND/ OR/ NOT) to filter the EML file search results.
  • Export Selective Emails to PDF file format instead of migrating all mails
  • Tool maintains Folder hierarchy and save the EML files by creating its root folder
  • Different file Naming Conventions are provided by the tool. Users can save the file as email subject, DD-MM-YYYY, DD-MM-YY or in auto incremental order, etc.

Highlighted Features of MSG Viewer Application

Read and Analyze EML Files

With the help of portable EML Viewer Software user gets an instant read of EML files with proper formatting of emails. The EML file reader tool allows to their users to analyze EML email messages with their attributes such as To, From, Subject, Received Data and Size etc.

View EML Emails with Attachments

The EML reader tool is able to read EML messages along with their attachments. With attachments view mode integrated with the application, the users can simply view EML emails attachments like DOC / DOCX / XLS / PPT / image files and other files kinds.

Analyze Email in Multiple Preview Modes

With the EML file explorer application, users can explore and analyze EML files in various preview modes like Hex View, Message Header View, MIME View, HTML View, and RTF View. Moreover, users can read corrupt EML files with the assistance of the .eml extension reader software. EML viewer tool offered advanced scanning modes that automatically repair corrupted and damaged files and simply read these files.

Read Emails of Various Email Application

EML file analyzer application to explore EML files associated with different email application like Thunderbird, Entourage, Windows Live Mail, Eudora, Opera Mail, Power Mail, Outlook Express, Hotmail, and Google Apps EML files.

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Common Problems & Solutions
Find the Most Common Problems in Viewing EML Files

With the help of professional tool named as EML file viewer software to easily fox the problem unable to read EML files attachments. This tool also allows users to auto locate and load EML emails directly to eml file viewer software’s panel.
"“I have some EML files containing important emails. This .eml file is created by Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail. But, now I am not using Outlook Express/Windows Live Mail on my computer. Currently, I am using Thunderbird as default email program. However, when I tried to explore EML files they could not open. How can I resolve this problem?”"

If you are unable to read EML file contents then you can use EML Viewer Tool. This eml document reader tool enables the users to analyze and view EML files without any interruption. Moreover, there is no need to install any other email client to read EML files. This is standalone tool to view EML files.

Know Here Working Steps of the EML Reader Software

Common Frequently Asked Questions
Queries Related to EML Viewer Tool

Follow the below mentioned steps to analyze and explore EML files.

  • Step 1 : Download & Install EML Viewer Software
  • Step 2 : Open and View EML Files with Attachments
  • Step 3 : Switch view mode as Horizontal or Vertical
  • Step 4 : Multiple views to read EML emails
No, there no file size limitation users can process file of any size by EML file viewer tool.
Yes, this eml file explorer tool enables you to view EML files along with attachments.
No, this EML analyzer tool is a stand-alone utility. It does not require the installation of email application such as Windows Live Mial, Outlook Express, etc to view or analyze EML files.
No, this EML Reader is not compatible with Mac. It only supported by Windows Operating System all version.
An EML file is an email message saved by an Email client, like MS Outlook or Thunderbird. It includes the content of the message, sender, along with the subject, recipient, and date of the message. EML files may also store one or additional email attachments which are files sent with the message.
EML reader portable software provides advanced search option to search particular item from Outlook EML messages files.
Yes, by using EML analyzer tool users can view EML files on any version of Windows OS. This application is compatible with Windows OS like Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and all below version of Windows OS.
Yes, it is possible to view, read, explore and analyze EML document with eml document reader software. This tool provides option to analyze and read EML files along with attachments in trouble free manner.

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