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All-in-One Excel to vCard Converter Software

  • Provides option for Load & preview the Excel file with all spreadsheet data to analyze process.
  • Convert Excel Spreadsheet to Vcard VCF file format from XLT, XLSM, XLSB, XLTX Excel workbook.
  • MS Excel XLSX to VCF migrator supports the MS Prominent Excel versions and Excel need to install to convert.
  • Provides a great feature of a mapping option to Match Excel columns with Vcard fields.
  • This Utility provides three options to import XLS to VCF file format Without hassle
  • Three Conversion XLS to VCF file (empty address, Single Vcard File, single individual VCF.
  • Export multiple contacts in Excel to Vcard in batch( tested 40,000+ contacts at one time.
  • Convert vcf to CSV Excel for each contact from an Excel file into a single .vcf file easily.
  • Give the option to import Excel contacts to iCloud+ and iCloud to convert XLS to VCF files.
  • Excel To Vcard Converter has incredible features of Multiple Language Conversion options.
  • Excel files to Vcard tool support all MS Windows versions. (Windows 11 and Below Versions.
  • Allows you to open converted VCF files into most email clients and any Android devices.
  • This utility Import exported Vcard files into Microsoft Outlook/ Gmail/ iPhone/Android.

Top Features of Excel To Vcard Converter

Load & Preview and Convert

Convert xls to vcf helps the user select of specific target list and generates an instant preview for the entire Excel file. Easily differentiate rows and columns with their respective data. It will also browse other types of formats like XLS, XLSX, XLSX, XLT, XLSM, XLSB, XLTX, and ODS. Once you select your data you can export data ( multiple data options to 40,000 + to export). You can save targeted data in the output vCard by mapping out the data. The XLSX to Vcard converter can create individual .vcf for each contact present in the Excel spreadsheet.

VCard Editions

Best Excel to vcf converter provides you the 3 options to convert Excel to a vCard file with options 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 versions which you can select before converting the file according to your requirements. This tool also gives the amazing feature of creating a single Vcard file consolidated with all contacts of the selected Excel spreadsheet.

Import Excel Contacts to iCloud/ Android

Excel to vcf converter tool gives you marvelous options for converting vcard files to open into an iCloud contact folder and iPhone because this software supports v3.0. and v4.0., which is easily supported by iCloud and iPhone. This option also works the same in Android phones for that you need to import VCF files to any Android phone to open the resultant file.

Map Excel Fields & Vcard Fields

You can map out attributes of each column of data into Vcard fields with the help of this feature. Once you upload the file you see the list of all data in the spreadsheet then you can Select each column name from the Excel field drop-down by clicking add and its respective data as you need in the Vcard attribute’s drop-down menu, and map the columns accordingly.

Default Destination Location

Excel To Vcard Converter provides you the option to change the file location where it will be saved because this Excel To Vcard Converter tool by default saves exported VCF files on the desktop. If you want to change it to it save in another folder then the change option wiil be there to do so.

Shows the Live Export Report

This shows the live process of exporting data to Excel into Vcard. This allows you to see real-time conversion rapport of converting XLSx to VCF process. In the process of conversion, you can view the number of contacts having empty email addresses and the number of contacts being converted respectively.

Product Tutorial
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Common Problems & Solutions
Find the Most Occurring XLS File Errors & Solutions

A: This can occur when Excel's shared workbook is loaded with bugs. This may lead to losing your file due to corruption. There are also chances for data integrity issues. It's not a good idea to share workbooks but can use an alternative approach to transferring Excel files into vCard file. By using Excel to VCF software one can easily move XLS files. Then these files can be easily shared.
A: This error message appears when there is some internal problem in the Excel Sheet. And this may result in inaccessibility of XLS files which can further result in severe data loss situation. To resolve such situations we can export Excel to vCard. Vcard can be operated easily and is a safe place to store your contact information in a bulk.
A: This is a very common problem faced by the MS Excel 2010 users while opening a XlSX Writer file. This annoying fault in Excel may lead to various problems. It is seen that the content becomes unreadable error due to the corruption of the whole Excel file, or due to the corruption of few object in the Excel file. We can solve this to an extent by importing XLSX file Excel into vCard file.

How to Import MS Excel Contacts to vCard?

Common Frequently Asked Questions
Queries Related to Excel to VCF Export Software

A: Overview of Excel Contacts to vCard Converter Application:
  • Import XLSX files to VCF using XLS to .vcf Converter Tool
  • Microsoft Excel files to vCard Converter supports multiple Language
  • Generates single .vcf file for each contact in Excel file migration
  • Option to export empty email addresses fields into vCard file
    The MS Excel to VCF converter can save .xls files into vCard versions 2.1, 3.0, 4.0. The user can choose the required version during the conversion process.
  • Can change Multiple contacts from .xls to vCard in bulk
"“I am using Windows 10 Operating System. I got a XLS file from my friend. Now I need to migrate it in vCard file. Can I use this tool without MS Excel?”"
A: No, you cannot convert XLS files to VCF format without installing Excel to vCard Converter software.
A: Yes, the XLS contacts file to vCard address book transferring tool can also convert .xlsx files into .vcf format.
A: Yes, this program provides you with an option to map all the fields in Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheet to vCard contacts files with ease.
A: SYSTLS Excel to vCard converter utility can export XLSX & XLS contacts into vCard 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0 versions. The products provides an option to select between these versions before saving Excel files in .vcf format.
A: Yes, this software is support in all versions of Windows operating system. i.e. it works well on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and all other below versions of it.
A: Yes, you can transfer any size of .xls file having whatever number of contacts in it. Excel to vCard Converter Tool does not have any file size restriction.

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