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SYSTLS MBOX Converter Tool

MBOX Converter Tool
Convert Windows MBOX files into Outlook PST, EML, NSF, MSG files.

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MBOX Converter Tool

  • Convert multiple MBOX files to PST, NSF, EML, MSG file formats
  • MBOX converter tool helps to create single and multiple PST files.
    MBOX to PST Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 etc conversion provides different options: Creating single PST & Create Multiple PST Files. The single PST file will help you to merge all MBOX into single file which will results in a common PST file. The multiple PST file will help you to create a single PST file For each MBOX file.
  • Repair and recover the corrupted data along with it’s attachments.
  • Business & Enterprise License provide option to export MBOX to O365.
    MBOX converter tool helps to export MBOX files to Office 365 with an easy manner. This will help the users to access their data from a remote location. Here users are capable to choose multiple MBOX data to O365.
  • No pre installation is required while converting Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST.
  • MBOX converter tool provides four different migrate options.
    The MBOX converter tool provided export options are:
    • Export as PST: It is a type of file used in the Microsoft Outlook
    • Export ad MSG: The MSG files are the single file or an individual file format of MS Outlook.
    • Export as EML: EML files are those which can be accessed by the multiple email client option that is the Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Mail.
    • Export as NSF: It is a file format used by the Lotus Notes.
  • Convert Thunderbird MBOX to PST helps to migrate the file to Outlook.
  • Export selective option can be made while conversion of the MBOX files.
  • Convert MBOX to MSG, EML tool provide option to export selective file.
  • Thunderbird MBOX to EML, MSG provide multiple file naming option.
  • MBOX converter helps to scan the .mbox file from an assorted files.
  • Convert Thunderbird MBOX to PST supports all Windows OS version.
    This utility will support latest Windows versions such as: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, & Server versions such as : Windows Server 2008, 2012 (32-bit & 64-bit), etc during MBOX to NSF, PST, EML, MSG conversion.

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Common Problems & Solutions
Find the Problems & Solutions Related to MBOX Conversion

A: The bulk import of MBOX file leads to Mail crash so it is better to place the file in its stable way. The SYSTLS MBOX converter tool will provide you the option like to split the large size file, and for remote access it can be uploaded to the O365 etc.

Common Frequently Asked Questions
Queries related to convert MBOX to PST Microsoft Outlook

The features included in MBOX Converter are as follows:
  • Create single or multiple PST file
  • Support batch export of MBOX files
  • MBOX file conversion with different options:
    • PST
    • NSF
    • EML
    • MSG
  • Split Outlook file by size
  • Auto detect client data
    It shows the MBOX supported email clients. Therefore, it will help to select the email client without browsing.
A: Yes, if the conversion is to EML file format, then you can access the converted EML files in Thunderbird email program as a single email.

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SYSTLS MBOX Converter Tool

Mac MBOX Converter Tool
Convert Mac MBOX to PST, EML, HTML & PDF

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MBOX Converter Utility for Mac

  • Mac MBOX converter helps to convert .mbox file to other file formats
    The tool will help to convert MAC MBOX items to PST, EML, HTML, PDF. The utility will helps to scan and load Mac MBOX file while the conversion from MBOX data file to Outlook PST.
  • Helps to convert multiple MAC MBOX to Outlook PST files
  • Tool helps to maintain the data integrity after Mac MBOX conversion
    Data integrity is maintained even after the conversion of the file. This means that the folder structure, HTML formatting remain the same even after the conversion of MBOX files.
  • Converting Thunderbird email to PST will scan and load MBOX file & export to PST
  • Naming convention can be made during MBOX to EML migration
  • Apple Mail MBOX to PST, EML conversion will retains message property
  • Multiple MBOX files can be converted in a single go
  • Filters are used while migrating MBOX to PST
    MBOX converter for Mac provide an option to filter the Mails with the use of Date Range Filter. So that the users are capable to take the necessary file according to the users wish.
  • Run on Mac OSX 10.10, & 10.11 version also the OS where, the MBOX file is made

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Common Problems & Solutions
Find the Problems & Solutions Related to Mac MBOX

A: Resolution method is mentioned below:
  • Firstly, import the MBOX file to Mac
  • Then move the Mac imported Mailbox to exact location.
  • Then, close and open again.
  • It is very long and lengthy process so it is better to transfer the Mac file. To do this it is better to opt SYSTLS Mac MBOX Converter.

Common Frequently Asked Questions
Queries related to Mac MBOX file converter

A: The features included in the Mac MBOX converter are:
  • Convert Mac MBOX to EML, Pst, PDF, HTML etc
  • Maintain the folder structure even Entourage MBOX to PST conversion
  • Conversion of Mac MBOX can filter emails
  • Naming convention is used
  • Helps to retain the message property
A: The trial Mac MBOX converter tool will convert 25 items to EML, PST, HTML, PDF

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