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SQL Recovery Tool
Repair corrupt MDF & NDF file & Export into SQL Server Database

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Multi talented SQL Server Recovery Tool

  • Repair corrupt SQL database file such as MDF and NDF
  • The software can recover deleted table data in SQL Server 2005, 2008 & 2012
  • The utility allows to scan and repair all components of corrupt SQL database
    The MDF Recovery software is a helpful utility to recover all the tables, functions, stored procedure, rules, views, triggers and the associated primary and unique keys, data types & all other components of MySql Database Server.
  • Provides an option to save the large scanned files
    After completing the scanning of both the MDF & NDF files, the MS SQL Recovery software provides an option to save the scanned file in .str format to a desirable location. This ability will save the scanning time; if the procedure is closed in between; later you can start over again by simply loading the .str file.
  • Provision to recover SQL Server database files with all versions.
    The SQL server repair tool can recover all the versions of SQL Server such as 2000, 2005, 2008/ 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016 database files.
  • Provides 2 Recovery modes to repair database MySQL Server
  • Provision to scan and repair NDF file (Secondary database)
  • Provides option to export as SQL Server Database or Compatible script
  • The SQL Repair tool supports advance data type recovery
    The Corrupt SQL database recovery tool supports advanced data type to recovery from the SQL database, which contains: datetimeoffset, datetime2, hierarchyid, sql_variant, geography and geometry data types. Also, ASCII and Unicode XML data types are supported.
  • The SQL Recovery utility allows to recover XML data.
  • Provides an option to export Schema/ Schema & Data
    The MS SQL Recovery Software allows you to export the database with the schema of selected procedures, tables etc. Also you can export the tables with both the schema and data in it.
  • Provision to preview the database components
    The MDF Recovery tool will preview all the recovered items like tables, keys, columns, triggers, indexes, functions, procedures with item count in its database viewer.

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suspect mode errror corrupted by SQL Recovery tool

A: Once the database has become inaccessible for the further use due to suspect mode, then you need to check the corruption in the database files. To solve the issue manually, you can use the “Drop plus Recreate Index(es)” method. This procedure is time consuming and normal users find it very difficult to recover important data from a corrupt SQL database. So, you can use MDF File Repair tool, with which you can overcome SQL server which has been marked suspect by recovery error.

How to Repair Corrupt SQL Database File?

Common Frequently Asked Questions
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"Can you share some of the helpful features of SQL Recovery tool so that I can choose it among others."
  • Allows to fix corrupt MDF file
  • It can repair the NDF file
    The SQL Server MDF Repair tool provides an option to repair the NDF file. There are two options available to add the NDF file that are "Auto detect the SQL Server secondary database(.ndf) file" and "Let me choose the SQL Server secondary database(.ndf) file". After selecting the file, click OK to proceed the scanning.
  • Provision to recover deleted SQL table’s data
  • Option to preview database components
  • Recover data from wallet Ransomware affected
A: Yes, the MySQL Recovery software will efficiently work for all types of corruption issues.
A: No, The MDF file repair utility does not impose any file size limitation to repair the corrupt Sql database file MDF and NDF.
A: No, The software can only repair one MDF file at a time. But it has an option to add multiple NDF files at the time of scanning.
A: Yes, the software will recover the XML data, if you have created columns and variables of the XML type on a SQL Server database.

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